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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arm Yourselves

"Make the world a better place
and Help a Kid Along the Way!"
~ Anny Belle Barker

Arming Ourselves for the Future with the Knowledge from the Past.

Have been getting more resources and vital information posted to
the AnnyBelle Foundation webpage. Please feel free to make use
of the information and SHARE with others.

Children deserve the knowledge to make more logical decisions
about THEIR future. You can help today!


Monday, March 28, 2011


Today has been busy, not unlike many other days but we did get to see some sunshine! Grass is growing, honey bees are working, and our internet has been restored. Looks like a good time to start anew. So after planting some of the veggie seeds today in their little starter pots and realizing how time is certainly seeming to move faster each day I have settled in and getting some updating done at the AnnyBelle Foundation website. Hope you will take some time to stop by for a visit.

Make everyday a GREAT Day!
{even if it is sometimes a challenge to do}

Vickie Barker - Director

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It Is Here NOW!

Well, here we go folks. Have to say I put a great deal of time and effort into posting on my own websites as well as some of the most used Social Networks, speaking on phone, lectures, conferences, radio broadcasts, etc. Please make use of this free time and effort.

Has been a busy world for quite some time, but I think you must agree that this year of 2011 seems to hold first place in bringing us the farthest and fastest just in the last several months.

Am posting some of the most important and most recent research findings in hopes it can help jump start those that are just awakening. Those fresh minds that are just opening may not have the benefit of 12 years to catch up with time to absorb enough to prevent needless pain and suffering.

I'm grateful that I've had that 12 years for discovery and thankful that someone took the time to share enough information with me which made me hungry for more. Thank You Barney Folger!

Although the primary area of research has been on health and focused on the orthomolecular structure and function of the human body, information has been drawn in from many other areas of interest as well.

There are many people working for us around the clock. I've met so many that have been called to serve, to do what they can to make the world a better place. I know I speak for them as well when I say "Please feel free to review any and all of the material provided throughout the links, webpages, radio broadcasts and any other method we can find that will help us to share what we have learned. All we ask is that you please be willing to share what you learn with those you care for."

Working, being and existing together on this planet we can make a difference.

We'll just start here today: It Is Here NOW!


Vickie Barker

"Where there’s a need ~ there’s a calling
And if you see the need ~ you’ve received the calling"