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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Message from Anna Ortlieb - It Is Time!

Since our awakening is really speeding up right now, I'm feeling compelled to re-post this. There are some really good tips and information I've gathered.
If it resonates with you, please feel free to share it so others can have access to
these tools and knowledge too. This is how I woke up and healed.

Look around you with new eyes for a moment, as if you saw our world for the first time. Take all of it in. What do you see? Examine your thoughts and make sure they
are your own, and not what you've been programmed to believe by media or others.

Monsanto, NASA, The military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, big pharma, BP, the banks, mainstream media, and other massive corporations and branches that are dealing in trillions of dollars, and are harmful to millions of people, all get a "go" from the "lawmakers" and "politicians" that are supposed to care for us but that are mere employees and actors to these said corporations and institutions handful of owners. The world is getting polluted, we are too, our bodies and minds, from our diets, air that we breathe, products we use, television programs we watch, education we are tricked into believing. Many are suffering, many are addicted to suffering, and knows no other way of life. It seems normal. It is normal, for our society, but it is not natural. If you read on, maybe you will see what I mean.

Here are a few key points to get you started. There is nothing federal about the federal reserve. It is an absolute scam, and a crooked institution, run by international bankers. GMO's are not currently helping feed the population of the world, but is actually a factor in both failed crops and suicide amongst farmers. The Earth has enough resources to sustain us all, but that has not been allowed to happen yet (question why!). We live in a sick society, where violence and murder is promoted and glorified as something intriguing and a spectator sport. Where nudity and the human body is seen as immoral on the other hand. We are even taught to find the bodies that are not sexually arousing to us, repulsive. (ask why!) Love and kindness seen as something for "pussies". Imaginary enemies are created for us, and amongst us, so that we will stay in a state of fear and confusion. We are pitted against each other in all ways possible: race, gender, economical class, looks, ideals, religion, this illusion of left-right wing parties, being popular.

This sickness is not natural to the human soul and being. That is why so many of us are taking anti-depressants, drugs, binge-eating, have issues with insecurities, anger, porn addictions, suicides, unhappiness, fear, and so on. We have lost our way as a species, but we have had help getting there since we each were born. Not much of what we have been taught to believe is true. Sometimes it can seem like the reality, because so many believe the same thing. But it is not. We are so distracted by the tv, by our romantic dramas, by trying to make more money, chasing happiness and seeking comfort, that we are no longer using critical thinking. Some barely think at all. It is easier to tune out, to become small, numb and dumb.

Our collective reality is filled with war, hunger, sickness, jealousy, hate, mistrust, bullying, insecurities, fear, out of control ego's, and so on. There will always be contrast, which is a wonderful thing. Dark can be sexy, exciting, beautiful, and adventurous, to a certain level that is unique and personal to each human being. But we are dangerously and insanely off into the dark end of the spectrum, and darkness is forced upon us as experiences we often do not want.

I want more love, kindness, trust, enjoyment, friendships, acceptance, peace, freedom, understanding, time to play, create, bliss, forgiveness, honor, loyalty, adventures, art, music, innovations, explorations and beautiful experiences. Don't you? Want to feel safe, free, loved, appreciated, respected, curious, and healthy?

Well, there is only one way to get there. It is to open our eyes, see the world as it really is right now, see what needs to be done, and create something different for us, and for the children that will come into this world with as little option as we had otherwise.

We need to heal ourselves and each other. Love ourselves and our lives. Love each other. It takes that for us to survive now.

Here are some items that will help me share with you what I find it important to know.

The power of now- Eckhart Tolle (amazing self-help tool for everyone)
The seat of the soul - Gary Zukov (something to soothe the spiritual traveler)
The biology of belief - Bruce Lipton ( a level up)
The celestine prophecy - James Redfield ( it is fiction, but the lessons are truth)

If you need more emotional healing, a great thing to listen to is the audio cd's by Marianne Williamson reading from " A course in Miracles"

A great movie to get introduced to "The law of attraction" and Quantum Mechanics:

Ok, so, about what is happening around the world. It concerns all of us. It is also healing on a personal level to take responsibility.

Our food supply is being poisoned from many directions. One of the main threats to both the bio-diversity and our human health, is Monsanto and the http://likes.So lets start there.
Instead of me telling you why, this is a great website for knowledge:

Or, if you like watching videos, "The world according to Monsanto" is a good choice.

Did you know that Marijuana is not only illegal because originally it was competing with DuPont's nylon, and currently with big Pharma? It's also illegal and discredited because it can be used as a tool to raise our consciousness. Personally, I think this is the main reason, because they can't hold the power structure intact if people are awake and aware.

Another thing to look into, just to get an understanding of the level of corruption that we live under, and the insidious and deliberate lie that is being perpetrated on us, I recommend "The creature from Jekyll island" by Edward Griffin. Here is a free speech by him that sums it up.

If you want to know the truth about 9/11 and why we really go to war:

How can we change things? Some valuable suggestions can also be found here:

This is just a tiny, tiny bit of what is on the surface. If you have more tools and information that is valuable, please share it in a comment below.

I will be posting more when I can create the opportunity. Until then, my main suggestion is that you love yourself, each other, and be MINDFUL of everything! 

Pay attention! LIVE your life, don't let others define you and live your life for http://you.Vote with your actions and your dollars. Buy local, sustainable, organic, and cruelty free products. Meditate. Spend time in nature.

Love your children (we are all children), love your parents (those who deserve it the least needs it the most), love your neighbors, love the food you eat, love the Earth you live on, love your pets and all animals. Let love reflect in all your actions.Educate yourself.

All we have is now.

It's time.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Native American Zodiac Signs

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Native American animal symbols can encompass just about all the animals, and their symbolic representation to the many tribes of the Americas. To narrow down the focus a bit, this page is devoted to birth animals – or zodiac animals.
Many Native American cultures have the belief that a person is assigned an animal upon the time of birth. Below are interpreted Native American symbols of the zodiac and the characteristics for each one.

Otter: Jan 20 – Feb 18
A little quirky, and unorthodox, the Otter is a hard one to figure sometimes. Perceived as unconventional, the Otter methods aren’t the first ones chosen to get the job done. This is a big mistake on the part of others – because although unconventional, the Otter’s methods are usually quite effective.
Yes, the Otter has unusual way of looking at things, but he/she is equipped with a brilliant imagination and intelligence, allowing him/her an edge over every one else. Often very perceptive and intuitive, the Otter makes a very good friend, and can be very attentive.
In a nurturing environment the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous, and honest. Left to his/her own devices, the Otter can be unscrupulous, lewd, rebellious, and isolated.
Wolf: Feb 19 – Mar 20
Deeply emotional, and wholly passionate, the Wolf is the lover of the zodiac in both the physical and philosophical sense of the word. The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it.
Juxtaposed with his/her fierce independence – this Native American animal symbol is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Needing his/her freedom, yet still being quite gentle and compassionate – we get the picture of the “lone wolf” with this sign.
In a nurturing environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle. Left to his/her own devices the Wolf can become impractical, recalcitrant, obsessive, and vindictive.
Falcon: Mar 21 – Apr 19
A natural born leader, the Falcon can always be looked upon for clear judgment in sticky situations. Furthermore, thecharacteristics for this Native American animal symbol never wastes time, rather he/she strikes while the iron is hot, and takes action in what must be done.
Ever persistent, and always taking the initiative, the Falcon is a gem of a personality to have for projects or team sports. The Falcon can be a little on the conceited side – but he/she is usually right in his/her opinions – so a little arrogance is understood.
In a supportive environmental the Falcon “soars” in his/her ability to maintain passion and fire in relationships, and always remaining compassionate. Left to his/her own devices, the Falcon can be vain, rude, intolerant, impatient, and over-sensitive.
Beaver: Apr 20 – May 20
Take charge, adapt, overcome – this is the Beaver motto. Mostly business, the Beaver is gets the job at hand done with maximum efficiency and aplomb. Strategic, and cunning the Beaver is a force to be reckoned with in matters of business and combat.
One might also think twice about engaging the Beaver in a match of wits – as his/her mental acuity is razor sharp. The Beaver has everything going for him/her – however tendencies toward “my way or the highway” get them in trouble.
Yes, they are usually right, but the bearer of this Native American animal symbol may need to work on tact. In anurturing environment the Beaver can be compassionate, generous, helpful, and loyal. Left to his/her own devices the Beaver can be nervous, cowardly, possessive, arrogant, and over-demanding.
Deer: May 21 – Jun 20
This Native American animal symbol is the muse of the zodiac. The Deer is inspiring lively and quick-witted. With a tailor-made humor, the Deer has a tendency to get a laugh out of anyone. Excellent ability for vocalizing, the Deer is a consummate conversationalist.
This combined with his/her natural intelligence make the Deer a must-have guest at dinner parties. Always aware of his/her surroundings, and even more aware of his/her appearance, the Deer can be a bit self-involved. However, the Deer’s narcissism is overlooked because of his/her congeniality and affability.
In a supportive environment the Deer’s natural liveliness and sparkly personality radiate even more. He/she is an inspiring force in any nurturing relationship. Left to his/her own devices the Deer can be selfish, moody, impatient, lazy, and two-faced.
Woodpecker: Jun 21 – Jul 21
Woodpeckers are usually the most nurturing of all the Native American animal symbols. The consummate listener, totally empathic and understanding, the Woodpecker is the one to have on your side when you need support.
Of course, they make wonderful parents, and equally wonderful friends and partners. Another proverbial feather in the Woodpeckers cap is the tendency to be naturally frugal, resourceful, and organized.
In a nurturing environment the Woodpecker is of course caring, devoted, and very romantic. Left to his/her own devices the Woodpecker can be possessive, angry, jealous, and spiteful.
Salmon: Jul 22 – Aug 21
Electric, focused, intuitive, and wholly creative, the Salmon is a real live-wire. His/her energy is palpable. A natural motivator, the Salmon’s confidence and enthusiasm is easily infectious.
Soon, everybody is onboard with the Salmon – even if the idea seems too hair-brained to work.

Generous, intelligent, and intuitive, it’s no wonder why the Salmon has no shortage of friends. This Native American animal symbol expresses a need for purpose and goals, and has no trouble finding volunteers for his/her personal crusades.
In a supportive environment, the Salmon is stable, calm, sensual, and giving. Left to his/her own devices, those that bear this Native American animal symbol can be egotistical, vulgar, and intolerant of others.
Bear: Aug 22 – Sep 21
Pragmatic, and methodical the Bear is the one to call when a steady hand is needed. The Bear’s practicality and level-headedness makes him/her an excellent business partner. Usually the voice of reason in most scenarios, the Bear is a good balance for Owls. The Bear is also gifted with an enormous heart, and a penchant for generosity.
However, one might not know it as the Bear tends to be very modest, and a bit shy. In a loving environment this Native American animal symbol showers love and generosity in return.
Further, the Bear has a capacity for patience and temperance, which makes him/her excellent teachers and mentors. Left to his/her own devices the bear can be skeptical, sloth, small-minded and reclusive.
Raven: Sep 22 – Oct 22
Highly enthusiastic, and a natural entrepreneur, the Crow is quite a charmer. But he/she doesn’t have to work at being charming – it comes easily. Everyone recognizes the Crow’s easy energy, and everyone turns to the Crow for his/her ideas and opinions.
This is because the Crow is both idealistic and diplomatic and is quite ingenious. In nurturing environments this Native American animal symbol is easy-going, can be romantic, and soft-spoken. Further, the crow can be quite patient, and intuitive in relationships.
Left to his/her own devices, the Crow can be demanding, inconsistent, vindictive, and abrasive.
Snake: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Most shamans are born under this Native American animal symbol. The Snake is a natural in all matters of spirit. Easily attuned to the ethereal realm the Snake makes an excellent spiritual leader. Also respected for his/her healing capacities, the Snake also excels in medical professions.
The Snake’s preoccupation with matters intangible often lead others to view them as mysterious, and sometimes frightening. True, the Snake can be secretive, and a bit dark – he/she is also quite sensitive, and caring.
In a supportive relationship the cool Snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, and helpful. Left to his/her own devices, the Snake can be despondent, violent, and prone to abnormal mood swings.
Owl: Nov 23 – Dec 21
Changeable and mutable as the wind, the Owl is a tough one to pin down. Warm, natural, with an easy-going nature, the Owl is friend to the world. The bearer of this Native American animal symbol is notorious for engaging in life at full speed, and whole-hearted loves adventure.
This can be to his/her detriment as the Owl can be reckless, careless, and thoughtless. Owls make great artists, teachers, and conservationists. However, due to his/her adaptability and versatility – the Owl would likely excel in any occupation.
In a supportive, nurturing environment the Owl is sensitive, enthusiastic, and an attentive listener. Left to his/her own devices, the Owl can be excessive, overindulgent, bitter, and belligerent.
Goose: Dec 22 – Jan 19
If you want something done – give it to the Goose. Persevering, dogged, and ambitious to a fault, the Goose sets goals for accomplishment, and always obtains them. The goose is determined to succeed at all cost – not for the approval of other – but those with this Native American animal symbol competes with his/her own internal foe.
Driven is the watchword for the Goose’s dominating personality trait – which makes them excellent in business and competitive sports. When tempered with supportive, nurturing family and friends, the Goose excels in all things he/she attempts.
In a loving environment the Goose can be very passionate, humorous, gregarious, and even sensual. However, lead to his/her own devises, the Goose may fall into obsessive or addictive behaviors that will inevitably be his/her demise.

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